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Sun, 17th Apr 2011

The Ums and Ahs of Learning

Toddler (c) Mehregan Javanmard

In NewsFlash this week, how ums and ahs can boost a baby's learning power, how mankind talked his way out of Africa, and how life on land evolved earlier than we thought. Plus, how scientists are viewing schizophrenia in a Petri dish and an insight into how a rider-less bicycle remains upright.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 06:38 - Mankind talked his way out of Africa

    Scientists at the University of Auckland have added another layer of complexity to the 'Out of Africa' hypothesis...

  • 12:41 - Self-righting bicycle

    A team working in the USA and Holland have this week come one step closer to working out how a rider-less bicycle remains upright...

  • 15:44 - Schizophrenia in a petri dish

    Scientists have found a new way to gain a fresh insight into the disease by propagating patient's own nerve cells in a culture dish...



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