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Sun, 15th May 2011

Computer Designed Proteins May Fight 'Flu

3D Model of an influenza virus particle. (c) CDC

In this NewsFlash, tailor made proteins that bind to ‘flu viruses, the largest gathering of whale sharks in the world, and how induced stem cells may be rejected, even by genetically identical animals.  Plus, how a laser technique has shed new light on a common process that leads to cancer.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 00:27 - Bespoke Proteins Bind ‘Flu

    Researchers in Seattle and Washington have solved an “enormous jigsaw puzzle” to design two novel proteins that bind to a protein found in influenza viruses, proving that computer designed proteins are feasible and could form the basis of new drugs and biosensors.

  • 03:23 - Uncovering a whale shark extravaganza

    The world's largest aggregation of whale sharks has been found off the Mexican coast

  • 06:22 - Lasers Identify Key Molecular Structure in Tumours

    Using lasers and over 100,000 hours of computing time, researchers have exposed the previously unknown molecular shape of epidermal growth factor receptors, EGFRs, which are known to be involved in the development of cancer...

  • 12:49 - Immune Roadblock to Stem Cell Treatment

    Stem cells may be rejected by the animals they first came from, according to research published in the journal Nature this week. This could be a huge stumbling block in the use of induced stem cells for therapy.



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