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Sun, 22nd May 2011

Geometry and Gossip - How we see the World

An illustration of Desargues' theorem, an important result in Euclidean and projective geometry. (c) Jtico @ wikipedia

In this NewsFlash - how we learn geometry without ever entering a classroom, how gossip changes the way we look at the world and a sweet solution to water purification.  Plus, regulating the immune system to avoid transplant rejection!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 00:28 - Amazing Amazonian geometry

    Psychologists have been testing Amazonian tribespeople to reveal if humans grasp concepts of geometry from looking at the world around us...

  • 05:37 - Gossip makes faces more memorable

    Gossip you hear about others affects whether you even see them, a new study has shown.

  • 08:18 - Regulatory T cells trigger immunity to transplant rejection

    UK scientists have made big step forward in the field of organ transplantation. Kings College researcher Robert Lechler and his colleagues have found a way to purify a rare population of immune cells called T-regs, short for regulatory T-cells, which help to switch off immune ...

  • 15:32 - Sweet solution to water purification

    Scientists have developed a sugar-fuelled chemical filter to clean up contaminated water.



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