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Sun, 5th Jun 2011

Homeless Fish and Warming up Sunspots

Orange clownfish, Amphiprion percula (c)

This week, how increasing CO2 levels could stop fish from finding a home and new insight into how sunspots keep warm. We also discuss the recent E.Coli outbreak in Europe as well as discover the world's largest DNA computer!

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  • 00:17 - A New and Fatal E.Coli Outbreak

    Making very big headlines at the moment is an outbreak of a new strain of E. coli in northern Germany; it’s thought to have stemmed from contaminated salad vegetables, including cucumbers...

  • 05:47 - How Sunspots Keep Warm

    A group of Scandinavian researchers led by Göran Scharmer of Stockholm University have uncovered some clues about how sunspots stay warm...

  • 09:28 - Losing Nemo - How Acid Oceans Deafen Fish

    It is a proven fact that if you elevate the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere this will have the effect of acidifying the sea, because carbon dioxide when it dissolves forms carbonic acid. This acidification can change the way that fish react to the world around them...

  • 16:49 - Largest ever DNA computer

    The largest ever DNA computer has been built, which might help build diagnostic tests or even understand cells.

  • 19:54 - How You Use Your Handset

    Computer scientists at Cambridge University have come up with a way to make mobile phones work more intuitively in future...



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