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Sun, 12th Jun 2011

Heart Cells and Hearing Aids

Behind the ear hearing aid (c) Nordelch @ wikipedia

This week a new source of cells to repair damaged hearts as well as a way to tailor make hearing aids according to an individual's needs. Plus, new insight into how nicotine causes weight loss and more evidence for the theory that life originated from outer space.

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  • 00:17 - More evidence that life's building blocks came from space

    Researchers working on fragments of a large meteorite that exploded over Lake Tagish in Canada back in the year 2000 have found more evidence that the molecules of life may have come from space...

  • 03:52 - How nicotine causes weight loss

    Scientists have discovered why ex-smokers commonly complain about gaining weight when they quit, and why active smokers are usually thinner on average: nicotine activates the brain's anti-appetite systems...

  • 13:07 - Better Hearing for Dummies

    Hearing aids work on the general one-size-fits-all principle that if you are finding it hard to hear something you simply turn the volume up. Now unique computer modelling techniques, combined with new ways of carrying out hearing tests, are revolutionising the way that hearing...



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