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Sun, 14th Aug 2011

Nature's Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange Trading Floor (c) US Federal Government

In this NewsFlash, we meet the deep-sea microbes that feed on the hydrogen from hydrothermal vents, and discover a cheap new catalyst that can generate hydrogen ten times faster than methods found in nature.  Plus, how reprogrammed immune system cells can kill cancer, and nature's stock exchange - how plants and fungi develop a free-market economy for shared resources.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 07:55 - Nature Inspires High Speed Hydrogen Production

    How can we generate hydrogen quickly and efficiently? Nature has its own way to do this using enzymes called hydrogenases – but now, by taking a leaf out of Nature’s book and then improving upon it, researchers have developed a catalyst that works ten times faster than the biol...

  • 14:04 - Plants and fungi pioneers of free market economy

    It's not just humans that create market economies, exchanging one set of goods for another, plants and fungi also barter nutrients with deals kept in check by market forces, new research has revealed.



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