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Sun, 4th Sep 2011

Model Hearts and Mood Altering Microbes

Glass Heart (c) Sture Jonasson

This week, a computer model of the heart that could test new cardiac drugs, ancient evidence of antibiotic resistance and the tiny gold rods that may give us control over light.  We find out how "friendly" bacteria, probiotics, can alter brain chemistry and calm anxiety, and Meera Senthilingam joins us for a quick flash of other science news.

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  • 00:28 - Good News for Broken Hearts

    A completely computer-generated model of the human heart that can successfully predict the effects of anti-arrhythmic drugs has been developed by scientists in the US...

  • 03:07 - Antibiotic resistance is ancient

    Bacterial antibiotic resistance genes have been discovered in soil frozen for over 30,000 years, Canadian scientists have shown.

  • 05:36 - Controlling light wave by wave

    Tiny gold rods may give us almost complete control over light waves.

  • 08:49 - Mood Altering Microbes

    Probiotics, the "friendly" bacteria, seem to have the potential to treat anxiety and depression related disorders due to the effects they have on brain activity...

  • 14:52 - Nitrogen, Mobile Phones and Anti-cancer traps

    How dead dinosaurs fertilise forests, why mobile phones answer the call in emergencies, a DNA trip-switch for cancer and a Star Trek style "sick bay" beams down to Leicester Royal Infirmary...



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