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Sun, 2nd Oct 2011

Tweeting the Mood of the World

This week, how analysing tweets can gauge the mood of people around the world, a new way to predict someone's risk of a heart attack, the new field of 'designer plastics' and how Mercury is providing a window into our early Solar system. Plus, the launch of a Chinese Space Station, using glowing bacteria to encode secret messages and the results of this year's Ig Nobel awards including dizzy discus throwers, beetles mating with beer bottles and a drastic way to stop illegal parking...

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  • 04:49 - Designer plastics

    Plastics may soon be able to be designed to a specification for an individual job

  • 08:23 - Moods worldwide revealed by Twitter

    An analysis of over half a billion "tweets" posted worldwide on the microblogging site Twitter has confirmed that, regardless of country or culture, we're all in a better mood in the morning, we become more dysphoric as the day goes on and we're happier at weekends...



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