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Mon, 14th Nov 2011

Chemical Liposuction and Tracking the Flu

3D Model of an influenza virus particle. (c) CDC

In this Naked Scientists NewsFlash, a new fat-busting injectible that selectively destroys adipose, evidence that only single strains of HIV are transmitted between partners and the discovery of two pristine primordial gas clouds produced by the Big Bang.  Plus, the Flu Survey: a new citizen science initiative to gather data on the incidence of influenza like illnesses in the European population...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 07:42 - Warming Earth not so good for Arctic tree growth

    A group of researchers from Columbia University publishing in the journal Environmental Research Letters have found that the growth of white spruce trees on the northern treeline in the far north of Alaska has shot up over the past 50 years. They’ve also managed to put forward a...

  • 10:09 - Pristine primordial Big Bang gas discovered

    Two gas clouds containing pristine samples of the gas spawned by the Big Bang has been spotted by astronomers.



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