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Mon, 28th Nov 2011

Nerve Transplants and the Safety of Statins

Neurons (c) Nrets at Wikipedia

This week, we learn how nerve cells can be transplanted to correct metabolic disorders, investigate the long terms safety of statins in the fight against heart disease and find the coldest point water can reach whilst remaining a liquid. We also unearth the world's oldest fish hooks to reveal the existence of fishermen 40,000 years ago as well as explore bionic lenses, night vision materials and the effects of stress on the brain...

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  • 04:31 - First seafaring fisherman

    The world's oldest tackle, together with evidence of deep-sea fishing 40,000 years ago, has been unearthed in East Timor.

  • 06:54 - A Diode for light

    A Diode for light has been constructed, a true one way mirror.



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