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Mon, 5th Dec 2011

Hydrogen, HIV and Photographic Trickery

Voyager (c) NASA

In this Naked Scientists NewsFlash, we hear how the Voyager missions can now detect radiation given out by the birth of stars, discover a new vaccine for HIV that can completely block infection in experimental animals, and explore the computer programme that can spot when a photo’s been “photoshopped”.  Plus, we meet some clever birds and ask if heading a football can cause brain damage.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 00:25 - Voyager Casts off the Hydrogen-Tinted Spectacles

    This week a team of researchers in France, Russia and the USA have reported that Voyager Spacecrafts 1 & 2 – launched 34 years ago – have made it far enough out of the solar system to detect Lyman-alpha emission.

  • 03:13 - Antibody-based vaccine for HIV

    A modified virus encoding an anti-AIDS antibody can protect animals from HIV infection.

  • 06:52 - Spooky Diamonds a Step Towards Quantum Computing

    This week, researchers from the UK, Canada and Singapore have accomplished quantum entanglement on the macro scale, entangling two millimeter-sized diamonds.

  • 09:46 - Key to the Blood Brain Barrier

    A signal that controls the integrity of the blood brain barrier - the system that protects and chemically cocoons the brain from the rest of the body - has been discovered.



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