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Mon, 12th Dec 2011

Cots for Cavemen and Cabbie's Crania

Close-up of "for hire" signage on a London hackney carriage (c) Russ London @ wikipedia

In this NewsFlash, how cancer cells spread to new areas, the discovery that ancient man built anti-insect beds, and ways to reduce your cancer risk.  Plus, how a taxi driver's brain change as they acquire "the knowledge" of London's streets and the fishy way to deter unwanted attention...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 06:46 - Reducing Cancer Risk Factors

    The biggest study so far into cancer risk factors confirms our understanding of the lifestyle choices that may lead to cancer...

  • 09:00 - Navigating a Taxi Driver's Brain

    Qualified London taxi drivers know their way around over 25,000 streets in the capital. And, if you scan their brains, you find that the structure called the hippocampus is much bigger than it is in the average non-taxi driver. But was it bigger to begin with, or did learning ...



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