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Mon, 16th Jan 2012

The Problem with Potentially Pandemic H5N1

Influenza Virus (c) CDC/ Dr. F. A. Murphy

In this NewsFlash, we discuss the scientific research that can't be published - a "recipe" for an H5N1 flu virus with pandemic potential that has scientists and governments concerned about biosecurity and terrorism.  Plus, the deepest deep sea vents ever found, and a round up of other scientific headlines.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 00:16 - Potentially Pandemic H5N1

    Should we publish details of how to make viruses with pandemic potential? We explore the controversy and meet one of the scientists whose work is under question...

  • 10:41 - The Deepest Deep Sea Vents

    Scientists have discovered the deepest and possibly the hottest undersea volcanic vents ever found, and they are encrusted in extraordinary deep sea life.

  • 13:32 - Quitting Smoking, Exoplanets and Carnivorous Plants!

    Why nicotine replacement may not be the key to kicking the habit, how most stars in our solar system have planets accompanying them, How Fungi could hold the key to tackling lead pollution and a new plants which makes a meal out of worms!



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