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Mon, 23rd Jan 2012

Biofuels from Beneath the Waves

Sargassum seaweed (c) Ocean Explorer/NOAA

In this NewsFlash we hear how modified e.coli could make seaweed a source for biofuels, find out why losing sleep can help to reduce bad memories, and how an important step in the evolution of life on Earth could have happened quicker than expected!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 00:25 - Seaweed set to ignite biofuel boom

    Already a major contributor to the food and fertiliser industries, seaweed could also hold the key to low cost biofuels thanks to the creation of an algae-eating E. coli strain.

  • 03:53 - A good night’s sleep may make bad memories worse

    Contrary to the prevailing view - scientists find that sleep can reinforce unpleasant memories. Remaining awake, on the other hand, helps you to forget...

  • 06:02 - Evolving Multicellularity

    Prior to about 1 billion years ago, all life on earth consisted of single-celled organisms. Then something happened to trigger squads of these cells to team up together to produce the first multicellular organisms, like our bodies, and this was a watershed in the evolution of li...

  • 10:27 - Suicidal Comets and Dancing Beetles

    Comets plummeting into the Sun's atmosphere, why exercise can keep diabetes at bay, how the public are helping seismology research and why Dung beetles like to dance...



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