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Mon, 5th Mar 2012

Can we Trust the Upper Classes?

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Astronomers have discovered evidence for life in the universe - but only down here on Earth.  In this NewsFlash, we'll find out how light from Earth bounced off the Moon could pave the way to look for life on other planets.  Plus, can we trust the upper classes?  New research shows that increasing wealth and social status may also increase selfishness and dishonesty!

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  • 00:17 - Looking for Evidence of Life on Earth

    Astronomers have found compelling evidence for life in the Universe but only on Earth. Using a phenomenon known as Earthshine, where light from Earth is reflected off the surface of the Moon, researchers from the European Southern Observatory were able to view the Earth as if...

  • 03:56 - Electromagnetic force strengthening

    New materials which can strengthen electromagnetic forces have been designed.



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