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Sun, 13th May 2012

Plant-Insect Tagteams and Boosting Fat for Weight Control

An Obese Teenager with Central Obesity, side view (c) FatM1ke

This week we hear how ants and plants are combining forces to help each other survive, how monkeys are cheekily planning for their future and how boosting brown fat in the body can help control our weight. We also investigate the matchmaking process of cells during meiosis, how the pathology of a virus could be predicted by analysing proteins in cells and how dinosaurs could have warmed the earth...with their flatulence!

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  • 00:18 - Carnivorous plants team up with ants and share spoils

    Scientists have discovered the first example of an ant-plant tag-team that works together to provide food for both.

  • 03:59 - Cheeky Monkey

    We tend to think that planning ahead is a purely human activity, but the antics of a chimp called Santino in Furuvik Zoo in Sweden are challenging that assumption...



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