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Sun, 20th May 2012

Ancient Microbes, Brain Interfaces and Satellite Rescue

GPS satellite (c) NASA

In this NewsFlash, the deep-sea dwelling bacteria that are still eating a meal that dates from the times of the dinosaurs, a new system for saving satellites and how a brain interface device can allow paralysis patients to control robotic arms, giving them the freedom to move again.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 05:03 - Brain Interface Gives Paralysed Patients Freedom to Move

    Imagine not being able to just pick up a glass and have a drink, and instead, having to rely on others to help with this most simple of tasks. This week a brain interface device has allowed a paralysed stroke victim to drink for herself for the first time in 14 years by control...

  • 11:52 - Bacteria fed by dinosaurs found 'barely alive'

    A community of microbes has been found living in 86 million year old deep sea clay, although they’re not exactly thriving – they seem to be surviving at the minimum energy requirement needed to qualify as “alive”.



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