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Sun, 10th Jun 2012

Mapping Seasonal Malaria

Anopheles albimanus mosquito (c) Photo Credit: James Gathany ; Content Providers(s): CDC ; Original uploader was: TimVickers at en.wikipedia

This week, how a fetal genome can be sequenced before birth, how pregnant women protect their babies from immune attack and how rainfall can be used to map seasonal Malaria and improve drug treatment programmes. We also hear how stems cells could cause vascular disease, discover a digital way to improve reading for people with dyslexia and explore the colourful personality of the Gouldian Finch!

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Full Transcript

  • 06:16 - Mapping Seasonal Malaria

    We discuss how rainfall can be used to map regions affected by seasonal Malaria to improve drug treatment programmes...

  • 12:52 - Rewriting arterial disease

    An overlooked cell lurking in the walls of arteries could be the cause of the vascular disease that leads to heart attacks and strokes, new research has revealed.



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