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Sun, 17th Jun 2012

New Veins and Voyager's New Frontiers

Voyager (c) NASA

In this NewsFlash, we wave goodbye to Voyager as it leaves the solar system, and say hello to the first replacement vein engineered from a patient's own stem cells.  Plus, evidence that the western Amazon basin has always been wild and empty, and how exam boards are pushing improve education.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 00:22 - Voyager is leaving the system

    Voyager 1, launched in the 70s, appears to be leaving the solar system

  • 02:50 - Improving Education

    Is science education up to scratch? Universities have complained that the A-Level curriculum doesn't prepare students for a degree, so exam boards are taking a stand to improve education...

  • 10:32 - Western Amazonia - Wild and Empty

    A study, published in the journal Science this week, has found that Pre-Columbian populations tended to avoid settling in the western Amazon basin, while the eastern and some of the central areas were much more densely populated. Much debate has centred around the effect of Euro...

  • 14:58 - Homegrown portal vein replacement

    The first replacement tissue-engineered vein grown from a patient's own stem cells has been successfully transplanted into a 10-year-old Swedish girl.



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