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Sun, 24th Jun 2012

Raindrop Traps and Microbes for Immunity

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This week, how microbes make for a healthy immune system, how pitcher plants use raindrops to trap their prey and a new way to block degenerative diseases such as Huntington's disease. Plus, we go online to identify the most influential people in the World around us and discover the transmission potential of H5N1, how natural selection is being used to compose music and the world's first 50 gigapixel camera!

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  • 07:40 - Identifying the Influential

    Are you a leader or are you a follower? An intriguing new study shows how you can identify influential people from their activities on Facebook...

  • 15:12 - Blocking degenerative brain disease

    Huntington's Disease, a fatal inherited degenerative brain condition, can be controlled in animals using DNA technology, suggesting it might be reversible in humans too.

  • 17:46 - Transmitting H5N1 and A 50 Gigapixel Camera!

    How just 5 mutations could create a transmissable form of H5N1, the 50,000 megapixel camera providing insight never seen before, how noise affects birdsong in our environment and the naturally selecting the best music...



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