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Sun, 1st Jul 2012

Warm-Blooded Dinosaurs and Locked-In Communication

Dr. Bob Bakker of the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) with Gorgosaurus. (c) Ed Schipul

How can you communicate when you can't move a muscle?  In this NewsFlash, we discover a new way to communicate with patients suffering "locked in" syndrome, ask if one heart attack begets another, and examine the evidence for warm-blooded dinosaurs...

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  • 06:21 - Tracking Olympic Swimmers Under Water

    It’s not only the athletes taking part in London 2012 who are feeling under pressure at the moment. What about their coaches? For a sport like swimming, the process of coaching is very tricky because you have to assess an athlete’s technique with the added complication of rath...

  • 13:34 - 'Flu's Hidden Gene

    A new gene in the flu genome could explain why some strains are killers.



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