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Sun, 9th Sep 2012

Wheelchair Basketball, Earliest Arctic Settlements, the 'Other' BSA

Paralympics GB basketball champion Ade Orogbemi trying out one of the new seats (c) SA Images

In this NewsFlash, we look at improving wheelchair design for paralympic wheelchair basketball players, the link between movement and the perception of time, and uncovering the earliest Arctic settlements. Plus, we go to the 'other' BSA, the British Society of Audiology Conference in Nottingham, to hear all about what's new in auditory science.

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  • Paralympics GB basketball champion Ade Orogbemi trying out one of the new seats (c) SA Images

    00:23 - The technology behind wheelchair basketball

    Away from the stories of athletes training and stadium building there’s another side to London 2012 that is often overlooked. A significant amount of research and innovation goes on in the run up to the event.Researchers at Loughborough University have been talking to Jane Reck ...

  • 06:43 - Stretching Time and Sensing Food

    Slowing down time to make your move, rediced rainfall from deforestation, Visualising the potency of drug candidates and Sensing Sex for food...

  • antarctica (c) Stephen Hudson@wikipedia

    11:51 - The earliest Arctic settlements

    Kate Britton at the University of Aberdeen, has been investigating an abandoned Arctic settlement in West Alaska called Nunalek, which was active from 1350 to 1650 AD. Britton and her colleagues found thousands of man-made artefacts from this abandoned settlement that were prese...

  • Cochlear implant (c) Ydomusch

    15:25 - The 'Other' BSA

    While some of The Naked Scientists were in Aberdeen for the British Science Association’s Science Festival, another Naked Scientist, Alan Boyd was at the other BSA conference – the British Society for Audiology Conference in Nottingham, to find out what’s new in hearing research...



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