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Sun, 16th Sep 2012

The Brightest Object in Nature and Facebook at the Polls

Pollia condensata  (c) Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten and Petra Ballings, Flora of Zimbabwe

What is the brightest object in nature?  In this NewsFlash, we discover how an African fruit outshines the competition.  Plus, stem cells restore hearing to deaf gerbils, how facebook alters voting behaviour, and why so many supernovae are obscured by clouds of dust...

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  • 03:43 - Most supernovae hidden by dust

    A paper published this week in the Astrophysical Journal suggests that up to 90% of supernova explosions go unseen by the surveys designed to look for them.

  • 05:56 - The Brightest Thing in Nature

    Cambridge University scientist Beverley Glover has discovered the brightest thing found in nature. But what is it and how did it claim that title...?

  • 11:25 - How Facebook alters Voting Behaviour

    Facebook. Nearly a billion of us use it, but does it affect how we make important decisions? James Fowler at the University of California San Diego has been looking at the social networking site Facebook and how it can influence voting behaviour...

  • High fat pregnancy diet cancer risk and an in-flight observatory

    What women eat during pregnancy affects cancer risk for the women, their daughters, and their granddaughters; current weather forecasting and climate models have been getting storm formation wrong; five genes linked to facial appearance; and a Boeing 747 with a difference...



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