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Sun, 30th Sep 2012

Long Lived Eunuchs and DNA in Mum's Brain

Eunuchs (c) Paludan, Ann. (1998). Chronicle of the Chinese Emperors: the Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial China. London: Thames & Hudson Ltd. ISBN 0500050902. Page 115. Unknown Tang-era tomb artist

In this NewsFlash, we hear why Eunuchs live longer lives and how a laundry detergent additive could convert clothes into pollution busting air filters.  Plus, finding foetal DNA in a mother's brain and the neurological basis for positive bias.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 03:39 - Catalytic Clothing Cleans Polluted Air

    Laundry detergent containing a special additive could convert clothes into pollution-busting air filters, according to research funded by the EPSRC...

  • 09:39 - Foetal DNA in Mumís Brain

    Male DNA, almost certainly left over from a male foetus, has been found lurking in womenís brains, according to research published in PloS One this week. Itís unclear what effect this may have on maternal health.

  • 11:58 - The bright-side bias

    The brain basis of the human tendency to always look on the bright side has been revealed by new research.

  • 15:32 - Pulsars, Puddles and Proto-Planetary Discs

    This week has seen planetary scientists gathering in Madrid for the European Planetary Science Congress, and several exciting new findings have been reported...



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