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Sun, 21st Oct 2012

Flashy Fish and A Vaccine for Herpes

School of sardines (c) TANAKA Juuyoh

In this NewsFlash, how fish defy the laws of physics, a new vaccine strategy against herpes, and how the brain responds to hunger.  Plus, the affect of pesticides on bees, a roundup of science headlines and we chat to Matt Parker, the Stand Up Mathematician, about the Festival of the Spoken Nerd...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 00:18 - How a Fish broke the Laws of Physics

    A group of researchers from Bristol University have discovered that the optical properties of a fish’s skin seem be more reflective than was previously thought possible for a non- metallic object...

  • 03:38 - Vaccine for herpes

    Using an approach that might also prove successful against HIV, scientists in the US have developed a vaccine for the herpes simplex virus that causes cold sores and genital lesions.



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