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Mon, 29th Oct 2012

Bacterial Cocktail Sees Off C. Diff

Clostridium difficile colonies (c) CDC/Dr. Holdeman

In this week's Naked Scientists NewsFlash, how 3-parent IVF can correct mitochondrial faults, why dung beetles stand on their balls and a bacterial cocktail to see off C. dif.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 00:30 - Replacing Faulty Mitochondria

    Faults in mitochondria the so-called powerhouse of a cell are the cause of a number of human disorders. Now, researchers in Oregon have demonstrated successful replacement of mitochondrial DNA in egg cells that then developed into healthy animals...

  • 03:28 - Beetles use dung balls to keep cool

    South African dung beetles scuttling across scorching hot desert sands use their dung balls not just as food but also as a way to help keep themselves cool, a new study reveals...

  • 07:17 - Bacterial Cocktail Sees Off C. dif

    A cocktail of git bugs can successfully see off Clostridium difficile, the potentially fatal and often hospital acquired infection...

  • 12:58 - How the Gulf Stream could be Melting Marine Methane

    Changes in the gulf stream over the last 5000 years are destabilising trapped methane over at least 10,000 square kilometres of the US eastern margin, and if this were to be released it could cause abrupt climate changes.

  • 15:59 - The Plight of British Oyster Beds

    When Shakespeare coined the phrase "the world is your oyster", he meant that everything was up for grabs - Oysters were so abundant that you could just take your pick. But overfishing, disease and invasive species now mean that oyster beds, which provide ecosystem services as w...



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