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Mon, 5th Nov 2012

Chatty Elephants and Cancer News

Asian Elephant (c) Rajesh Kakkanatt, courtesy Suresh Babu. Original uploader was Kjrajesh at wikipedia

Can Koshik the elephant speak Korean? How have fireflies inspired better LEDs? How can medical tape be made less dangerous?  Find out in this Naked Scientists' NewsFlash!  Plus, a new technique to watch cancer cells spreading, and the pros and cons of breast cancer screening...

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Full Transcript

  • 00:21 - Easy Peel Medical Tape

    Medical tape that sticks strongly but peels off with less force than it takes to tear tissue paper has been invented by scientists in America...

  • 02:45 - Can Koshik the elephant talk?

    Dumbo the elephant may have been able to fly, but he was fictional. Now a team of German, US, Korean and Sri Lankan researchers believe that they may have found an elephant that can talk or at least make vocal sounds that convincingly resemble human speech.

  • 14:13 - A Window on Spreading Cancer

    Most deaths from cancer occur when the disease spreads or metastasises - to other parts of the body. But we know very little about how this process physically happens. Now a team from the Hubrecht Institute in the Netherlands have developed a technique to allow them to peer i...



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