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Mon, 19th Nov 2012

A DNA Detective Story

DNA (c) Mnolf

In this NewsFlash, how DNA sequencing identified an unsuspecting carrier of MRSA, why light at night makes mice depressed and a lonely rogue planet.  Plus, a potential gene therapy cure for epilepsy...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 00:23 - Light at Night Can Harm Your Memory

    Being exposed to bright lights at night could harm your health and your memory - even if you think you are sleeping normally...

  • 08:13 - DNA Sequencing Stops MRSA Spread

    This week, the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases included a rather unusual detective story one where rapid DNA sequencing was used in a hospital to track an outbreak of MRSA down to one unsuspecting carrier. It bears all the hallmarks of good television forensic crime drama,...

  • 14:17 - Gene Therapy Cures Epilepsy

    New research from University College London this week shows that gene therapy can potentially cure epilepsy in rats. Epilepsy affects around 50 million people worldwide. Its a chronic disorder of the brain where patients can suffer seizures and loss of consciousness. These s...



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