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Mon, 10th Dec 2012

Heath Benefits of Bearing Babies

Baby with toys (c) Alan Bruce (Qole Pejorian)

In this Naked Scientists NewsFlash, we hear how parenthood can extend your lifespan and discover the genetic recipe for a red blood cell.  Plus, repairing damaged hearts with micro RNA, and a new way to share scientific information...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 00:21 - Is having children good for you?

    This is a difficult area to research, because you canít conduct a randomised trial like you normally would to test a hypothesis. But a new study gets to the bottom of this tricky question. The verdict? Having children seems to increase your chance of having a long life!

  • 06:44 - Touchscreen technology used to help understand brain evolution

    A study using touch screen technology has shed light on how we evolved to be so intelligent, and how this development may have made us susceptible to mental illness.

  • 10:29 - Repairing a Heart with MiRNA

    This week, scientists in Italy have discovered a genetic trigger that can cause heart muscle cells to start dividing to produce new cells and to repair the damage done by a heart attack. Mauro Giacca is at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Tr...

  • 17:59 - eLife: A New Open Access Science Journal

    A new scientific journal is being launched this week in Cambridge. We hear how it differs to existing journals and why it is important.



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