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Mon, 17th Dec 2012

Engineering a Biological Pacemaker

Pacemaker  (c) Gregory Marcus

In this Naked Scientists NewsFlash, we find out how gene therapy can engineer a biological pacemaker, and discover the surprisingly simple solution to Box Jellyfish stings.  Plus, remnants of 7000 year old cheese and solving the mystery of ultra-luminous x-ray sources.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 00:20 - Building a Biological Pacemaker

    Normal heart cells can be converted into specialised pacemaker cells using gene therapy, and this could pave the way to building a biological pacemaker, according to research published in the journal Nature Biotechnology...

  • 02:54 - 7000 Year Old Cheese

    This week, scientists have uncovered residues of 7,000-year-old cheese. Chemist Professor Richard Evershed from the University of Bristol is one of the authors of a paper in the journal Nature this week which describes how he and his team have made this rather milky discovery.....

  • 08:16 - Solution to box jellyfish venom

    Scientists have discovered how to block the action of the venom of the lethal box jellyfish family...

  • 12:33 - Porcupine Quills Inspire Better Needles

    Porcupine quills penetrate skin better than a hypodermic needle because of tiny backwards-facing barbs at their tips. This trick could now inspire better medical equipment such as needles and tissue adhesives...



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