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  • Gravity ocean map (c) NOAA


    Considering the future of the oceans

    Fri, 21st Dec 2012

    In the concluding installment of our two-part season finale of Naked Oceans, we get a bit ...

  • World Map (c) NASA


    A Short History of the Oceans

    Tue, 4th Dec 2012

    In the first of a two-part finale to this season of Naked Oceans Sarah Castor Perry takes ...

  • Lionfish (c) Ned de Loach


    Ocean aliens - the problem of marine species in the wrong place

    Mon, 11th Jun 2012

    Why is it sometimes such a big deal when species end up in the wrong places? On Naked Ocea...

  • Arctic whaling in the eighteenth century. (c)


    Ocean treasures, old and new

    Fri, 11th May 2012

    Is ambergris whale vomit or whale poo?  We find out in Naked Oceans this month as we ...

  • Velellas (by-the-wind-sailors) and plastic confetti in the North Pacifc Plastic Gyre (c) Karin Malmstrom/Marine Photobank


    From plastics to poo - the lowdown on ocean pollution

    Wed, 11th Apr 2012

    We go from plastics to poo this month on Naked Oceans as we explore some of the many way...

  • Sylvia Earle with SCUBA and Aquarius underwater lab researcher (c) (c) Wolcott Henry 2005/Marine Photobank


    So you want to be a marine scientist?

    Sun, 11th Mar 2012

    We find out about the best job in the world on Naked Oceans this month as we take a look a...

  • Seagrass VIMS (c) VIMS


    Green grass and grazers

    Sat, 11th Feb 2012

    We’re all about green grass and grazers this month on Naked Oceans as we take a look at th...

  • Arctic tern (c) Ben Lascelles


    Taking to the skies - Protecting seabirds

    Wed, 11th Jan 2012

    Naked Oceans takes to the skies this month to explore the world of seabirds. They may not ...

  • Christmas manta ray animation still by Jo and Joe cards (c) Jo and Joe cards


    We Fish you a Merry Christmas

    Sun, 11th Dec 2011

    Things get distinctly festive in Naked Oceans this month as we crack open the mulled wine...

  • Acanthephyra spew defence (c) E. Wider, ORCA


    Glittering seas: the science of ocean bioluminescence

    Fri, 11th Nov 2011

    Fire and water don't normally mix but the ocean is full of living things that put on ...

  • Anomalocaris (c) Ken McNamara


    Life and Death in ancient seas

    Tue, 11th Oct 2011

    The oceans were the cradle of life on Earth for billions of years before our ancestors to...

  • Southern Right Whale (c) International Whaling Commission


    Science of whaling

    Sun, 11th Sep 2011

    Is there such a thing as sustainable whale hunting? And even if there is, are we likely to...

  • Oceans cake (c) Crazybananas


    Celebrating a year of Naked Oceans

    Thu, 11th Aug 2011

    Naked Oceans has reached its 1st birthday and we celebrate by taking a look bac...

  • NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program, deep sea sub (c) NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program, INDEX-SATAL 2010.


    Diving into the deep sea

    Sat, 11th Jun 2011

    Naked Oceans ventures into the deep to find out how scientists are using cutting...

  • American lobster (c) NOAA


    Sensing the underwater world

    Wed, 11th May 2011

    How do marine animals sense the world around them? This month on Naked Oceans we explore t...

  • Man on Fire by Jason de Caires Taylor (c) Jason de Caires Taylor


    Art and the Oceans

    Mon, 11th Apr 2011

    Art meets science this month on Naked Oceans as we meet artists who bust myths about the d...

  • Fish catch (c) Helen Scales


    Trading the Oceans

    Fri, 11th Mar 2011

    From precious coral and slimey sea cucumbers to luxury fish lips and beautiful seahorses, ...

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