Naked Oceans

Naked Oceans episode

Wed, 11th Aug 2010

Climate change and the Oceans

Svalbard Ice and Snow (c) Thomas Hallermann Marine Photobank

Join us as we dive into the science of climate change in the oceans. What changes are we already seeing, what affects are they having on marine life, and what are the prospects for the future? We call in on the Arctic and the Antarctic to find out what's going on in some of the most vulnerable parts of the oceans, and we meet some extraordinary critters from the bottom of the sea at the bottom of the world.

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  • 01:45 - Whales have to shout in noisy seas

    Acoustic tags attached to North Atlantic right whales in Canada's Bay of Fundy show that when the seas are noisier, the whales call louder - presumably to make themselves heard over the din.

  • 04:13 - More fish lurk in the deep than we thought

    There may be more fish living at extreme depths of the ocean than previously thought. And snailfish are caught on camera over 7km beneath the waves.

  • 05:56 - Cleaner water means healthier reefs

    Keeping local waters free from land-based pollutants can help coral reefs cope with problems like climate change offering - a perfect case of thinking globally and acting locally.

  • 07:26 - Census of Marine Life inventory

    This month an initial ‘roll call’ of what species are present in the 25 marine areas of the Census of Marine Life has been published in the journal PLoS One.

  • 09:29 - Climate change rundown

    Climate change poses many, varied threats to the oceans. John Bruno gives us a rundown of findings from his recent review of the topic in the journal Science.

  • 15:35 - Climate change in Antarctica

    David Barnes from the British Antarctic Survey tells about changes taking place in the Southern Ocean and introduces us to some amazing critters that have come a long way from home.

  • 24:06 - Life in Arctic Sea Ice

    As well as big animals like polar bears that hunt on top of Arctic sea ice, there is an extraordinary world of life living in the ice itself. David Thomas introduces these vanishing ecosystems and the challenges of studying them before they are gone.

  • 31:12 - Critter of the Month - Star Coral

    Nancy Knowlton from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History chooses this month's critter

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