Naked Oceans

Naked Oceans episode

Thu, 11th Nov 2010

Protecting the seas

Blue sea (c) alles-schlumpf

We venture out into the big blue to check out the latest developments in Marine Protected Areas - or MPAs - those areas of the ocean set aside to let wildlife recover and thrive. Hot off the press, a new report launched in Nagoya tells us how many MPAs there are globally, where they are, and how much of the ocean they cover. Have we reached the 10% target yet? Plus we find out about a new generation of MPAs soon to appear around the UK coast and track down bottlenose dolphins and a gaggle of sea birds in a marine reserve off the Welsh coast.

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  • 07:39 - Global MPAs - latest update

    A new book provides the latest stats on how much of the oceans are currently protected and we find out whether global targets have been met.

  • 14:36 - An English perspective on MPAs

    Jen Ashworth from Natural England gives us the low down on a series of new MPAs that are soon to appear around the English coastline.

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