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Sat, 11th Dec 2010

The 12 Critters of Christmas

Lionfish (c) Jens Petersen

In a special festive edition of Naked Oceans we count down the 12 critters of Christmas. Packed into our seasonal critter fest are sea angels and Christmas tree worms, cuddly marine mammals and less-cuddly deep sea fish. We'll meet an ocean migrant that could lend Father Christmas a helping hand and we'll venture into the deep sea to track down a fish that glows as brightly as Rudolf's nose.

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In this edition of Naked Oceans

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  • 01:35 - Sea Angels

    Sea snails that have lost their shells and flap their wings through open ocean get our seasonal critter fest started.

  • 04:37 - Glowing red fish light up the deep sea

    Stop light loose jaws bright red glow lets them see more that the average deep sea fish.

  • 07:16 - Masters of disguise

    Does the mimic octopus have a split personality or does it just like dressing up?

  • 10:00 - Sirens of the sea

    Meet the dugongs and manatees, the mysterious marine mammals that were once mistaken for mermaids.

  • 12:39 - Champion migrant

    Arctic terns are global champions flying from the South Pole to the North Pole and back every year.

  • 14:52 - Fastest claws in town

    Mantis shrimp have a lightening fast punch and the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom.

  • 17:55 - Does it snow in the sea?

    Diatoms are the gems of the ocean that lock up carbon and are vital for all sorts of other creatures from krill to penguins.

  • 20:13 - Anyone for turkey?

    Should turkey fish - also known as lion fish - be on the Christmas menu?

  • 22:29 - Strange string jellies

    Siphonophores or string jellies are another group of little known but beautiful deep sea critters.

  • 25:39 - Mysterious shark cousins

    Chimaeras are little known relatives of sharks that get up to some odd things in the deep sea.

  • 28:52 - Extreme worms

    Giant tube worms cope with many extremes in their homes on deep ocean black smokers.

  • 31:17 - Christmas tree worms

    Perfect miniature Christmas trees round off our choice of festive critters.

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