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Naked Oceans episode

Wed, 10th Aug 2011

Celebrating a year of Naked Oceans

Oceans cake (c) Crazybananas

Naked Oceans has reached its 1st birthday and we celebrate by taking a look back at season one to pick out some of our favourite bits. We revisit a major milestone in ocean science with the Census of Marine Life, we venture once more into the depths to uncover some of the challenges of life miles beneath the waves and we call in on the extraordinary mating habits of coral reefs. One year on, we've made a special mixup of critters from the shoal of ocean experts who shared with us there thoughts on which marine species they'd like to be. And we reveal an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes at the making of Naked Oceans.

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In this edition of Naked Oceans

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  • 05:53 - Uncovering a whale shark extravaganza

    The world's largest aggregation of whale sharks has been found off the Mexican coast

  • 09:08 - The Census of Marine Life

    A major landmark in ocean science was reached in October 2010 with the completion of the world’s first Census of Marine Life. It was 10 years in the making, involved hundreds of scientists all across the globe who joined forces to take on the enormous challenge of discovering a...

  • A Collection of Marine Critters

    Over the past year, we’ve met up with lots of marine experts to talk about their work. To delve a little bit deeper into their devotion to the oceans, we asked them to tell us: if they were a marine critter, which one would they be and why? We have some really great answers a...

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