Naked Oceans

Naked Oceans episode

Mon, 10th Oct 2011

Life and Death in ancient seas

Anomalocaris (c) Ken McNamara

The oceans were the cradle of life on Earth for billions of years before our ancestors took to the land and air. But they have also seen some of the most devastating mass extinctions in geological history. In this month's Naked Oceans we find out about the bizarre evolutionary experiments that appear in the first explosions of complex life over 600 million years ago, and what may have driven the catastrophic End Permian extinction event, and how it could teach us about potential future ocean extinctions. Plus we ask another marine expert to choose our Critter of the Month...

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In this edition of Naked Oceans

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  • 01:21 - Antarctic species suffering from climate change

    Researchers at the British Antarctic Survey have found an increase in iceberg scouring of the seafloor around the West Antarctic Peninsula, and that the chance of bryozoan colonies living long enough to breed has halved since 1997.

  • 03:16 - How sharks see in the deep sea

    A discovery announced at the World Conference on Marine Biodiveristy reveals how deep sea sharks evolved eyesight to cope with the challenges of life in the dark depths.

  • 05:20 - Jellywatch shows a rise of slime

    Initial results from the Jellywatch scheme set up in the Mediterranean Sea in 2008 suggest an increase in jellyfish blooms over the last few years.

  • 07:41 - Plans underway for the 'IPCC for nature'

    Plan for an Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) will do for nature what the IPCC does for climate change.

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