Naked Oceans

Naked Oceans episode

Thu, 10th May 2012

Ocean treasures, old and new

Arctic whaling in the eighteenth century. (c)

Is ambergris whale vomit or whale poo?  We find out in Naked Oceans this month as we dive into ocean treasures, old and new. Last month we explored some of the ways we pollute the oceans by using them as a dumping ground for too much rubbish. And in this episode we look at the variety of things weve taken out of the ocean, from prized perfumes to inspiration for new medicines. Christopher Kemp tells us all about the mysterious stuff, ambergris the subject of his new book. And at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, we call in on some researchers who are putting glowing critters to good use. And in Critter of the Month, Emmett Duffy tell us, if he was a marine creature, which one hed be and why.

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  • 01:25 - Singing a song of GFP

    Green Fluorescent Protein, GFP, is an important research tool originally extracted from jellyfish. It's so important, it inspired science songwriting virtuoso Professor Karmadillo to write a song about it...

  • 02:45 - Medicines from Marine Microbes

    It's not only food that we get from the oceans. Marine species from corals and sea squirts, right down to the tiniest bacteria, are offering up chemicals that could be potential new treatments for infectious diseases and cancer. We hear from two 'bio-prospectors' to find out mor...

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