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    Life and Death in ancient seas

    Mon, 10th Oct 2011

    The oceans were the cradle of life on Earth for billions of years before our ancestors to...

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    Science of whaling

    Sat, 10th Sep 2011

    Is there such a thing as sustainable whale hunting? And even if there is, are we likely to...

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    Sensing the underwater world

    Tue, 10th May 2011

    How do marine animals sense the world around them? This month on Naked Oceans we explore t...

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    Art and the Oceans

    Sun, 10th Apr 2011

    Art meets science this month on Naked Oceans as we meet artists who bust myths about the d...

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    Trading the Oceans

    Fri, 11th Mar 2011

    From precious coral and slimey sea cucumbers to luxury fish lips and beautiful seahorses, ...

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