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Thu, 25th Nov 2010

A Decade of Living in Space

A meal on the ISS (c) NASA

The International Space Station celebrated 10 years of habitation this month, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge of life in orbit.  We find out more about living in space, as well as discover new gravitational lenses in this month's Naked Astronomy.  Also, news of lead ion collisions in the LHC and giant gamma-ray bubbles emitting from our local black hole. Plus, your questions on gravity, neutron stars and dark matter.

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  • 01:47 - Bars Exist in Older Spiral Galaxies

    New evidence from Galaxy Zoo suggests that galaxies with a central bar are more likely to contain older, red stars, while those without a bar have younger, blue stars...

  • 03:59 - LHC Update: Lead Ion Collisions and Trapped Antimatter

    Scientists at CERNs Large Hadron Collider have been colliding lead ions - allowing us to get an idea of conditions in the very early universe. Meanwhile, other CERN researchers have trapped an antihydrogen antiatom...

  • 27:54 - 10 Years of life in Orbit

    The International Space Station celebrated a decade of human habitation this month. We find out what life in orbit is really like...

  • 43:54 - Herschel-ATLAS identifies Gravity Lenses

    The Herschel-ATLAS survey has identified a number of galaxies acting as lenses, magnifing distant galaxies and allowing us to probe deeper into the universe...

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