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Naked Astronomy episode

Fri, 25th Mar 2011

Astronomy at the Cambridge Science Festival

An 18th Century Persian astrolabe (c) Andrew Dunn

In this special edition of the Naked Astronomy podcast we look at the astronomical events held at the Cambridge Science Festival.  We’ll hear from Dr Dan Stark about exploring the early Universe, find out what tooth x-rays and telescopes have to do with the man who coined the term “Big Bang” and ask if our Universe is but one of many... Plus, we catch up with Carolin Crawford, Andrew Pontzen and Dominic Ford to find out what they’ve been doing this month to bring space science to the wider public.

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In this edition of Naked Astronomy

Full Transcript

  • 01:15 - The First Starlight

    Dr Dan Stark explains what we're looking for at the very edge of our observational limits...

  • 08:41 - Communicating the CMBR

    How do you communicate the concept of the Cosmic Microwave Background to families and children. Andrew Pontzen explains how you can only stretch some metaphors so far...

  • 29:22 - The Chandra X-Ray Observatory

    Louise Ogden continues her series looking at our large telescopes by introducing the Chandra x-ray observatory...

  • 36:17 - Open Day at the IoA

    What goes on at an Institute of Astronomy open day? Carolin Crawford explains what happens once the doors are opened...

  • 41:35 - Beyond Our Universe

    Brian Greene, author of "The Hidden Reality" explains the possibility and probability of there being more than one Universe....

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