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Mon, 9th Jul 2012

Work, rest and play: Mars and space tourism

virgin galactic (c)

NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission lands on Mars next month after a nine-month journey across our Solar System.  On arrival the most advanced suite of instruments ever sent to the red planet will get to work.  In this edition of the podcast, geologist and MSL scientist Professor Sanjeev Gupta, from Imperial College London, discusses the excitement and science behind the mission with Spaceflight UK’s Jerry Stone and Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham.  Plus, a report from the recent European space tourism conference where the major players pitched their space trips and a fascinating look back at the first manned Gemini spacecraft, Gemini 3, with original mission recordings from the launch.  Do you know why it was called Molly Brown?  Answers on a small asteroid please.

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In this edition of Space Boffins


  • Virgin Galactic Spaceport (c) Vigrin Galactic

    01:39 - Space Tourism: What are the Options?

    With a real chance to holiday in space, what are the options available to the intrepid space tourist?

  • The Martian Landscape (c) NASA/JPL

    12:10 - The Mars Science Laboratory

    The Mars Science Laboratory is due to land next month, so what will the red planet reveal?

  • Gemini III launch (c) NASA

    24:14 - Commemorating Gemini 3

    We look back at the miisions that led to Man reaching the Moon. First, the Gemini 3 mission, launched in 1965...



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