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Fri, 24th May 2013

The Milky Way's local black hole

Radio galaxy Hercules A (c)

We talk to astronomers who study the environments around black holes, hear about what we can learn from a meteor which hit the Moon in March, and find out how spacecraft can navigate their way through the solar system.

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  • Radio galaxy Hercules A (c)

    01:08 - How can jets issue from Black Holes if even light cannot escape?

    Hi There I was wondering how Relativistic jets can be shot out from a black hole even though light which has no mass can't escape one? Regards Casper Badenhorst Sutton - London

  • 07:46 - Hot gas in the galactic center

    The Herschel Telescope has caught images of stars forming around the centre of our galaxy.

  • Artist's rendition of Earth's magnetosphere (c) NASA

    30:32 - Do other planets switch magnetic poles?

    Hello, As it seems that we are soon in for a magnetic polar switch, does this happen on other planets in our solar system? Does it happen to a star? Regards, Andy Rendle

  • Launch (c) Mike Morley

    35:57 - How long do you have to accellerate at G to reach the speed of light?

    Dear Dr Chris. I have plucked up the courage to write to you with a question from a colleague of mine which I can't answer. I have no idea why he wants to know this ( I think he reads too many science fiction comics or watches too much 'Star Treck' ) but here goes :- If ...

  • 47:40 - The rock that hit the Moon

    Back in March a meteor hit the Moon, and now NASA have captured images of the house-sized crater that it created.

  • 50:50 - Explosions on the Sun

    This month the Sun produced four sizeable flares within the space of a week, suggesting that it is become more active after a quiet period.

  • 54:25 - Asteroids around a white dwarf

    Astronomers have found evidence for rocky material in orbit around dead stars.

  • Hubble_space_telescope (c)

    57:19 - How do space-travellers navigate in our solar system?

    Hi Redi/Chris Pre-GPS seafaring navigators used magnetic compasses and before that they used the stars to find their way. My question is: How do space-travellers navigate in our solar system and how is Voyager 1 navigating in interstellar space and beyond? Loved Chr...

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