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Wed, 24th Jul 2013

The National Astronomy Meeting 2013

Granules-like structure of surface of sun and sunspots. (c) NASA / JAXA

This month I've taken to the seaside to bring you a special episode of Naked Astronomy from the National Astronomy Meeting, which was held in St Andrews in the first week of July.  I find out about the sparkles that can help us to understand solar flares, plans to let school children loose on a new research-grade telescope, and a technique that could produce the first high-resolution images of quasars.

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In this edition of Naked Astronomy

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  • 14:54 - Solar storms that can cause blackouts

    A new survey is monitoring how solar storms trigger unusual electric fields on Earth, to help understand how to protect the National Grid.

  • 21:33 - Beyond the Stars

    David Southwood tells me why astronomy is about much more than understanding the Universe: it also has a tremendous economic impact

  • 45:16 - Magnifying quasars

    Can gravitational lenses make distant quasars appear significantly brighter and easier to detect?

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