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    Long live our genes

    Sat, 13th Sep 2014

    Every day we get older, and whether you’re desperately resisting the march of time, or emb...

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    Genes for Sore Eyes

    Wed, 13th Aug 2014

    From the beauty of a sunset or the ugliness of war, to the smile on a loved one’s face, ou...

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    DNA damage and repair

    Fri, 14th Mar 2014

    Every second your DNA is under assault - not just from chemicals in our environment or foo...

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    Smells like gene spirit

    Fri, 14th Feb 2014

    Smell is probably the oldest sense, hardwired right into our brains and closely linked to ...

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    Now hear this

    Tue, 14th Jan 2014

    Hearing loss is distressing, whether it occurs later in life or in childhood. Now research...

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    Taking shape

    Sat, 14th Dec 2013

    Across the natural world, cells organise themselves into a wonderful array of shapes and s...

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    Come together

    Thu, 14th Nov 2013

    All living cells are made up of protein molecules - but how do they organise themselves in...

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    Have a heart

    Sun, 13th Oct 2013

    The heart is a vital biological pump, beating around a billion times in a lifetime. But fa...

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