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    Testing, testing

    Fri, 14th Oct 2016

    We hear more than ever about the secrets hidden in our genes, from our risk of diseases to...

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    Doing the twist - packing DNA

    Sun, 14th Apr 2013

    Almost every single cell of your body is packed with more than two metres of DNA, containi...

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    Hello Dolly

    Wed, 14th Sep 2016

    This month we’ve got a special bonus-length podcast commemorating twenty years since the b...

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    40 years of selfishness

    Sun, 14th Aug 2016

    40 years ago Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene hit the shelves. We look back on how it cha...

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    Signal to noise

    Thu, 14th Jul 2016

    Building a baby is a complicated business, with millions of cells needing to work together...

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    Genes for all

    Tue, 14th Jun 2016

    Genes, genomes and genetic technology are playing increasingly important parts in our live...

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    Check your compatibility

    Sat, 14th May 2016

    You may not realise it, but your health, immune system and even love-life are governed by ...

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    What's in your genes?

    Thu, 14th Apr 2016

    As the costs of DNA analysis come down, we’ve seen the rise of direct-to-consumer genetic ...

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    Designer genes

    Mon, 14th Mar 2016

    The recent invention of powerful precision tools for editing the human genome - known as C...

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    Crazy for CRISPR

    Sun, 14th Feb 2016

    It’s the hottest new biotechnology technique to hit the headlines since… well, since ever....

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    Best of Naked Genetics

    Thu, 14th Jan 2016

    This month we bring you a bumper edition, packed full of all our favourite bits from the p...

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    Building biology

    Mon, 14th Dec 2015

    Synthetic biology - engineering life - is set to revolutionise the world, but how? We’ll b...

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    Why don't elephants get cancer?

    Sat, 14th Nov 2015

    Animals like elephants and whales are made up of many more cells than a human, or a mouse,...

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    Engineering life

    Wed, 14th Oct 2015

    Imagine designing bacteria that can do whatever you want - from cleaning up oil spills to ...

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    Hundreds and Thousands

    Mon, 14th Sep 2015

    When it comes to figuring out which genes and genetic variations are linked to particular ...

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    Mysterious methylation

    Fri, 14th Aug 2015

    There’s more to life than the four letters of DNA, and our cells use a chemical tag known ...

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