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Fri, 13th Sep 2013

Genes and genealogy

A Viking Troll (c) Røed @ wikipedia

Who do you think you are? And is the answer in your genes? This month we’re delving into genes and genealogy. Plus, putting an end to genetic determinism, and an ancient Egyptian gene of the month.

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  • 16:12 - Stress and cancer link?

    Researchers in the US have taken a step forward in understanding how the body’s response to stress might be linked to the spread of cancer.

  • 17:05 - Hope for Huntington’s Disease

    Researchers at the University of Leicester have made a discovery that could lead towards a new hope for fighting Huntington’s disease.

  • 18:07 - Dr Turi King - Men, genes and families

    Dr Turi King has an unusual interest in men - she studies their Y chromosomes to track their family history.

  • 26:08 - Is there any relationship between stem cells and cancer?

    Hello. I am doing my EPQ about show stem cells are related to cancer I would like to know if stem cells are a reason for cancer to accrue? can stem cells cure cancer? what are the latest researches to this subject? If you can help me with anything i'll be gratefu...

  • 28:38 - Gene of the month - Cleopatra

    And finally, our gene of the month is Cleopatra, named after the legendary Egyptian queen, who was said to have committed suicide by snake.

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