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Sun, 13th Oct 2013

Have a heart

Two hands forming a heart shape (c) Leon Brocard

The heart is a vital biological pump, beating around a billion times in a lifetime. But faulty genes can cause big problems. Plus, taming the tiger genome, solving citrus sickness, and our gene of the month is for all you hopeless romantics out there.

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  • 01:01 - Prof Aroon Hingorani - Heart risk genes

    Although lifestyle factors are important, our genes play an important role in our risk of heart disease. Prof Aroon Hingorani explains why.

  • 08:37 - Gene links across cancers

    Researchers on the US The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project have released new data revealing genetic similarities across cancer types.

  • 12:13 - Sister stem cell clues

    Researchers at The Institute of Cancer Research have found that 'sister' stem cells are much more different than expected.

  • 14:37 - Dwarf dog genes found

    Researchers in Finland have found a new gene faults involved in dog dwarfism, which might be important in humans too.

  • 16:05 - Tiger genome tamed

    scientists in South Korea have analysed the genomes of a number of big cats, including the tiger, lion and snow leopard.

  • 16:53 - Citrus sickness solved

    Scientists in the US have used genetic techniques to solve a murder mystery - in citrus trees.

  • 18:00 - Prof Hugh Watkins - Sudden heart death

    Footballer Fabrice Muamba made headlines when his heart stopped on the pitch. Prof Hugh Watkins wants to know why this happens.

  • 25:21 - Is there a role for DNA ends?

    What is the very first and last piece of DNA on the chain responsible for - or is it a marker solely to indicate the ends? Cheers, Rich Thornley UN International School, NYC

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