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Tue, 14th Jan 2014

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Hearing loss is distressing, whether it occurs later in life or in childhood. Now researchers are starting to unpick the genetic causes behind some of these problems. Plus, mice on drugs, stress and death, and a wobbly gene of the month.

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  • 00:58 - Prof Karen Steel - Genes and deafness

    Prof Karen Steel discusses what we know about the genetics of hearing loss, and how it could help people at risk of deafness

  • 08:35 - Narcolepsy and flu

    Researchers have discovered an unexpected connection between the sleep disorder narcolepsy and the flu virus

  • 12:05 - Flu response variations

    Australian scientists have discovered a key genetic variation that makes people respond to flu in different ways

  • 13:30 - Mice on drugs

    Researchers have discovered variations in how lab mice respond to drugs, highlighting problems with lab-bred strains

  • 15:37 - Gene risk for diabetes found

    US researchers have discovered a gene variation that increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, particularly in Latin Americans

  • 16:52 - Genes, stress and death

    Scientists have found that a gene variation that increases sensitivity to stress may also increase the risk of heart attacks and death

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