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Sat, 13th Sep 2014

Long live our genes

A mature chap wearing a trilby (c) Ahmet Demirel

Every day we get older, and whether you’re desperately resisting the march of time, or embracing the ageing process, most of us would agree we want to live as long, healthy lives as possible. We’ll be finding out how genetics research can help. Plus, making fingers with Alan Turing, growing lizard tails, and a long-lived gene of the month. 

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  • 01:01 - Prof David Gems - Healthy ageing

    I spoke to David Gems, professor of biogerontology at UCL, and asked him what we mean by “ageing" from a biological perspective.

  • 09:33 - Prof James Sharpe - Making fingers

    Most of us are born with five fingers, but how do they get there? The answer was first put forward more than 60 years ago by Alan Turing.

  • 14:38 - How lizards regrow their tails

    Researchers have analysed the patterns of gene activity in regrowing lizard tails, paving the way for better regenerative technology.

  • 15:49 - Organs in a dish

    The day when we can grow fully-functioning organs in a dish have come a step closer, with a lab-grown thymus.

  • 28:30 - Gene of the month - SIRT1

    One of a family of genes called Sirtuins, SIRT1 is one of seven human versions of genes found across pretty much all organisms.

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