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Mon, 13th Oct 2014

Genes, ageing and metabolism

Ageing face (c) GBdeZeeuw

Could we one day be popping pills that tweak our metabolism and make us live longer? Its not as far off as you might think. Plus, the cow genome goes large, bat flu flies into focus, and an untidy gene of the month.

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  • 14:08 - Cattle genome goes large

    The cattle genome has gone large, as an international consortium of researchers announces a global database of cow gene sequences.

  • 15:05 - Bat flu genes pose low risk

    Bats are well-known carriers of human viruses, such as rabies and the headline-grabbing Ebola. But could they harbour other infections too?

  • 16:24 - Dog gene cancer clue

    Writing in the journal Cancer Research this month, Spanish researchers have characterised the dog epigenome in unprecedented depth.

  • 17:45 - Nazif Alic - Manipulating metabolism

    Tweaking some of the genes involved in metabolic signalling could help to prolong healthy lifespan - but could it help us live forever?

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